In order to continue with the booking process it is necessary that you read and accept the contracting conditions of Enotaxi.

Terms and conditions

Contact: Tel. +34 688 82 07 59 with E-mail:

Enotaxi, in no case acts as a travel agency, is a provider of transport services. The vehicles have the administrative and insurance licenses required by current legislation.

Enotaxi reserves the right to subcontract with third parties some or all of our rights and obligations under these terms and conditions.

All requests must be made at least 48 hours in advance on our website. For services less than 24 hours in advance you must call the contact number indicated on the web.

By formalizing his request, the Customer confirms that he has read, understood and accepted these general conditions, and that he has the necessary legal capacity to accept these general conditions on his own behalf and / or on behalf of his companions. The Customer is responsible for making timely payments and notifying us of any modification, cancellation, incident and complaint or claim.

All accepted service requests will be formalized by sending a Travel Confirmation sheet to the email address provided by the Client, upon payment of the amount of the indicated service.

The availability of extra services must be consulted in advance, such as additional stops, baby seat, booster seats, or the transport of golf horses, bicycles, musical instruments, pets, etc.

In the “Travel Confirmation” the following data will appear:

  • Passenger Data
  • First leg data
  • Lap data
  • Luggage
  • Total price

In the event that the Client detects an error, he must immediately notify Enotaxi for its rectification, in accordance with the sections related to modification and/or cancellation of contracts.

Enotaxi is not responsible for any errors or inconsistencies that the Client may have made when filling out the form or the failure to provide complete and truthful information during the service contracting process. Enotaxi does not guarantee any assessment of suitability on your service requests or on the schedules chosen by the Client.

The data that you transmit to us during the contract will only be provided in the part necessary for the provision of the service. The Client authorizes us to transmit their data, such as the name of the traveler, mobile phone, dates and times, to those who perform the service.

The Client must print the Travel Confirmation in duplicate and the proof of payment of the contracted service and must take them with them during their trip to present them whenever they are required. Before starting your trip, you must sign a printed Travel Confirmation and give it to the driver; in case of not delivering it, the driver could refuse to perform the service, without the right to a refund of the amount paid.

If your trip is round trip, you must give a Travel Confirmation to each of the drivers, so you must have printed and travel with four duplicates of the Travel Confirmation and deliver one signed to each driver.

Any communication that Enotaxi sends to the email address that you have provided will be saved during the claims admission period, serving as proof of delivery confirmation.

The prices of the services will be previously agreed with Enotaxi, during the contracting process.

The price per service will be established based on the type of service, the vehicle, place of start and end, date and time of start, among other concepts. The price is fixed and is guaranteed from the moment the Client receives his Travel Confirmation, without being affected by upward or downward price changes from the moment the Client makes the contract and the moment of termination.

The prices include the cost of providing transport, supplements, indicated waiting times, business profit and VAT at the current rate (currently 10%).

Prices are set per vehicle, regardless of the number of passengers and luggage, within the limits of passengers and cargo legally established.

Payments can be made at the time of contracting the service through a credit, debit, transfer or Bizum card, which will automatically charge the buyer; or at the end of your service inside the vehicle requested by credit or debit card or cash or bizum.

Payment through electronic means will be made through POS payment gateways (virtual point of sale terminal), without legal link with the Entity, payment gateways that have a secure area for the deposit of sensitive information of the Registered User to carry out electronic payment through information encryption protocols, as can be seen from the existing public information on the portal of the POS payment gateway or bank entity responsible for said POS payment gateway. The Registered User will be required his card number, expiration date and a secure verification code that will be found on the front or back of the card, as well as the name of the holder and his address for the purpose of verifying the holder’s data of the card with the financial entity.

Payment will be charged to the User’s account at the time of contracting the service. In the payment, through the POS, the User will be redirected to the official website of the POS to enter the payment method and the necessary data for its effectiveness. In this case of payment through electronic means, it will be understood that the reservation has been confirmed, once the user has completed the electronic purchase process with the POS payment tool and the Entity receives confirmation thereof.

In any case, for each contracting a service, the user must provide the requested information that will be processed through “secure online payment gateways”. The Entity guarantees the Registered User that in relation to payment through payment gateways it does not keep confidential data related to the registered payment method used once the service contracting process has been confirmed and completed. The banking entities with which the Entity has signed agreements for the provision of payment services through what are known as “secure online payment gateways” are the only ones that may have access to this data for the management of payments and collections. When making the payment, the user is directed to the secure interface (https) of the bank to which the card details are provided and validates the operation, in a way that is not accessible to third parties.

In order for the Entity to carry out the appropriate procedures, the user will notify the Entity, as soon as possible, of any undue or fraudulent charge on the card used to contract the service. Said notification may be made to the email address or by calling the telephone number +34 688 82 07 19.

All communications between Enotaxi and the Client will be made by email, through which the Travel Confirmation will be sent as well as any modification or alteration of your contract.

The email address of

The client must provide an email address in the contracting process in which to make notifications, and must communicate any change immediately in order to be able to provide the contracted service.

The client is also obliged to provide a mobile phone in the contracting process to carry out the necessary communications.

The client may make modifications to his contract up to 72 hours before the date and time set for the start of the service. The modification request must be sent in writing to our email address and our acceptance will be notified to your email, at which time the modification will be effective.

If the modification of the contract implies a modification of the price, the following procedure will be followed. If it implies a price increase, the client must pay the difference between the initial price and the new final price prior to our acceptance, in the manner established in these general conditions. If it implies a reduction in the initial price, the Customer will be reimbursed the difference in cash at the time of collection, as long as the modification is requested before the limits indicated above.

Enotaxi will only accept a modification of the contract without penalty or additional charge for the Client. To make second and successive modifications, a management cost of fifteen euros (€15) will have to be paid, which must be paid at the time of contracting.

Changes requested during the 24 hours prior to the start time of the service will be subject to the availability of vehicles and the payment of a management cost of fifteen euros (€15).

The modifications that the Client requests and that it is not possible to accept, may lead to the termination of the contract, in accordance with the condition related to Cancellations.

Any request to cancel a contract must be sent in writing to our email address and will have the following cancellation fees:

  • Cancellation less than 48 hours before the service, one hundred percent (100%) of the total price of the service will be charged.
  • Cancellation between 48 and 96 hours before the service, fifty percent (50%) of the total price of the service will be charged.
  • Cancellation more than 96 hours prior to the free service.

The full amount will be returned to the client, if for reasons beyond the control of the taxi driver, it is impossible for him to provide the service and he is forced to cancel it.

The incidents in relation to the service that arises to the client must be notified to the taxi driver urgently by telephone. The Client will have a certain free waiting time, in all contracted services and depending on the place of start of the service:

  • In airports, forty (40) minutes, from the landing time of the flight indicated in your contract.
  • In Cruise Ports, forty (40) minutes, from the docking time of the ship indicated in your contract.
  • In train or bus stations, twenty (20) minutes, from the arrival time of the train or bus indicated in your contract.
  • In homes, hotels or similar, in offices or in any other place not described in the previous points, ten (10) minutes, counting from the time indicated in your contract.

Once these waiting times have elapsed without the Client showing up, the service will be CANCELED, without the Client having the right to a refund of the amounts paid.

Before picking up the vehicle and terminating your service, we will try to contact you on the mobile phone that the Client has provided us during the contracting process.

Modifications due to delays in the means of transport by plane, train, bus or ship will not have management costs and will be free of charge for the Client.

The Client must inform the taxi driver, as soon as possible, of the delay that occurs in his trip and that prevents him from reaching the meeting point at the scheduled time.

If the Client could not reach the place where our service starts due to the cancellation of their flight, ship, train or bus, by the transport company and prior notice within one hour of the service start time established in their contract , you will have the right to request a refund of the total amount paid for the services not enjoyed, and you must provide proof or reliable proof of said cancellation.

To facilitate the meeting with the Client, the drivers will carry signs with the name of the traveler who has made the contract.

Travelers will always be picked up at the place, date and meeting place established in your contract. The meeting places, unless otherwise agreed, will be the following: At airports, ports, trains and buses, inside the terminal, port or station, at the passenger exit door indicated in your contract, where it is usual for passengers to wait. relatives and drivers of concerted services.

Neither Enotaxi, nor the drivers that provide the service, accept any responsibility for the additional expenses incurred by the Client or his group, in the event that the driver considers it necessary not to start the service, interrupt it and terminate it even without having arrived. until its destination, as a consequence of the breach of the following conditions:

No traveler may travel under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

The consumption of alcohol or drugs is strictly prohibited during the performance of the services.

  • It is not allowed to eat or smoke inside the vehicles.
  • The conduct or behavior of no passenger may affect the safety of the driver or the other occupants of the vehicle.
  • The transport of luggage or belongings with which the Client or his companions travel that could dirty or deteriorate any part of the vehicle, which could represent a decrease in visibility or safety, as well as others that could be prohibited by current regulations, will be prohibited. .

In these circumstances, the Client will not have the right to a refund of the previously paid price and will be obliged to indemnify the damages that could be caused.

Although the driver will have the starting and destination places that the Client entered in the contract, the Client must confirm them with the driver before starting the trip, any error, interpretation or confusion in this regard being his responsibility.

Upon arrival at the destination, the driver will leave you as close as possible, taking into account the characteristics of the vehicle, the accessibility to the destination and the prevailing circumstances at that time in the area.

The driver will choose the most appropriate route to take you to your destination, without necessarily having to be the shortest, nor does it have to be a route that includes toll payment. If the conventional route to reach your destination is blocked, if there are adverse weather or other causes, or if you prefer to be taken to your destination by a longer route, the Customer must bear any additional costs incurred. derive.

The volume of luggage included in each service will be limited to the capacity of the contracted vehicle, in accordance with the measurements, spaces for luggage and requirements for the transport of passengers and their luggage. If additional vehicles had to be used to transport excess luggage, it would be the responsibility of the client.

The Client will be responsible at all times for their luggage and belongings.

Enotaxi and the drivers that provide the service will be exempt from any responsibility for any breakage or deterioration of their luggage and that of their companions, including damage or breakage that may occur during loading or unloading maneuvers.

The Client will also be responsible for removing all their belongings from the vehicle once the service is finished, leaving Enotaxi and the drivers who provide the service totally exonerated from any subsequent responsibility in relation to possible or presumed objects forgotten in the vehicles.

Pets or companion animals are the responsibility of the Client. They must travel in a container that complies with IATA regulations to travel on planes that must be provided by the Client. The driver may cancel his service in case of not including the transport of pets as an extra without the Client having the right to a refund of the amount paid.

In the contracting process, the Client must indicate if he is traveling with minors, minors count as a place in any type of service or type of vehicle. The Client must ensure that the reserved vehicle must have a number of seats equal to or greater than the sum of adults, children and babies.

In Spain it is mandatory for minors to travel with approved child restraint devices on any trip, so you must inform them in the hiring process to be able to offer you one by the local driver. If you do not tell us that one of the travelers is a minor, the driver will cancel the service without refunding the price paid.

If it is not possible to meet your request for required children’s devices, we would inform you in advance, the Client may request to cancel the contract and the refund of the amounts paid for the service without cancellation fees.

The placement of children and the anchoring of child restraint systems will be the responsibility of the Client. The start of the vehicle and the beginning of the trip without the opposition of the Client, will mean that the trip begins with his agreement and under his sole responsibility in relation to the minors who travel with the Client in the vehicle.

By entering into a contract, the Client declares to understand and accept:

  • The general conditions and the commitment to pay for the requested service at the time of collection or by means of a suitable credit or debit card, which is authorized for its use and with sufficient funds to cover the total amount of the contracted service.
  • That the variations that affect your contract affect your and the service in the terms and deadlines detailed in this document, they must be communicated to Enotaxi.
  • That the service will be carried out with the conditions established in this document in accordance with the requirements that it has provided in the contracting process.
  • That you have the obligation to verify that all the information that appears in the Travel Confirmation is correct and if this is not the case, you must notify it in writing with a minimum of 48 hours in advance about the start time of the service in order to make the modification. Failure to do so, Enotaxi, will not be responsible for possible damages that may occur.
  • That if the acts or those of other people traveling with the Client cause any damage during the performance of the service, the Client will be responsible for compensation for damages caused to the driver, third parties or the vehicle.

That you expressly consent to the transfer of your personal data to the drivers who have to provide the transport service and for the sole effect and purpose of this and to the extent that they are accurate.

For services destined for airports, stations, ports or other places where a connection must be made with other means of transport, it will be the Customer’s responsibility to set the start time of the transport service sufficiently in advance to arrive comfortably at your destination, taking into account the half-hour delay allowed at the start of the service referred to in the Punctuality Guarantee.

In the circumstances that the traffic supposes a greater or lesser duration of the trip, it will not suppose an increase in the price of the service.

Delays in reaching the place of completion of the service due to traffic circumstances, roads, or other concurrent causes during the performance of the service beyond the driver’s control, will not give rise to any responsibility of Enotaxi or the driver. Likewise, it will not be responsible for the circumstances indicated for the loss of connection with other means of transport (planes, trains, ships, etc.).

Motor vehicles with a taximeter are vehicles intended for public service and usually carry emblems typical of this type of vehicle and service. The spaces indicated refer to the number of spaces available for the use of the Client.

The drivers are trustworthy and professionals specialized in this type of service, with experience and training to offer the best conditions in the provision of the service.

The taxi driver undertakes to ensure and put all the means at his disposal for the correct provision of services by the drivers and in the maximum punctuality at the start of the services.

A maximum admissible delay of 30 minutes is established on the start time of the service, and the client must be notified by phone of the delay after five minutes.

For services that start with a delay of more than 30 minutes, Enotaxi will pay 25% of the total service to be performed, in compensation for the damages caused to the customer. In these circumstances, the Customer must contact Enotaxi by phone, from the place where the service begins and subsequently request a refund of the amount of the service, providing the Travel Confirmation indicating the driver’s arrival time, the name and signature of the driver. driver. There will be exemption from this penalty if the delay or non-appearance is due to causes not attributable to Enotaxi or the driver.

Neither Enotaxi nor the drivers guarantee or are responsible for the damages that the Client or their companions may suffer as a result of extraordinary situations that may occur before or during the provision of the services, which determine the impossibility of providing the service or its delay or modification, such as third-party accidents, police controls, holding events, acts of vandalism or terrorism, acts of protest, demonstrations and riots, strikes, traffic closures due to the passage of delegations, unforeseen dangers on the road , natural disasters, catastrophes or pandemics, fires and adverse weather conditions or other similar events due to causes beyond the control of the taxi driver.

The situations described or other similar ones will be considered as force majeure, without giving rise to compensation or compensation for damages that the Client or his companions may suffer.

For any complaint or claim related to the service, the Client must make it in writing by email within a period not exceeding 15 calendar days from the date of completion of the service, having the right to obtain a response from the carrier within a period not exceeding another 15 days. natural.

The Client must immediately notify the driver of any incident that occurs in the provision of the service by email or by phone.

Enotaxi, will be exempt from any claim that occurs in relation to the non-appearance or non-availability of the vehicle in the place, date and time scheduled for the start of the service, if it does not receive telephone notification from the Client at that precise moment, nor even in the In the event that the Customer decides to take other routes to travel to their destination, assuming the driver’s non-appearance.

By formalizing the contract, the Client exonerates Enotaxi from liability for any damages covered by the driver’s insurance, as well as damages derived from any illness, injury, death or loss of money or any thing or object that the Client or his companions may suffer, must make their claim directly to the driver of the service.

Enotaxi will only accept its responsibility for the claims that the Client may make due to our own negligence in the management of their contracts or for errors in the collection management. In all other cases, it will transfer the Client’s claim to the drivers.

All this in accordance with compliance with the rules established in each facility, especially in ports and airports, on which there may be permanent, temporary or specific restrictions or limitations; in terms of access and parking. In these circumstances, travelers must adapt to them in order to start the transport service and contact us by phone if they have any difficulties.

Some exceptional circumstances, such as works, traffic cuts, events, demonstrations, physical characteristics of the vehicle, accessibility to the place, etc. may prevent the vehicle from accessing the requested collection location. In these situations, we will contact the mobile phone indicated in the contract, to inform them of the closest point where the Client will be able to locate their driver.

For motivated reasons, related to the drivers and the safety of the vehicles, the Client may refuse to get on the vehicles to start the trip, if, in his opinion, there are circumstances that he considers inappropriate. Starting the vehicle without their opposition will be a sign of conformity by the Client.

If the Client cannot find the driver or does not see the vehicle at the place where the service starts, they must contact us by phone to help them find the driver and start the trip. The client’s breach of this obligation to contact Enotaxi will entail the non-acceptance of any subsequent claim or any compensation or compensation, even in the event that the Client chooses to take other routes to travel to their destination, assuming on their part the driver’s non-appearance

At the end of their trip, the Client can receive our service evaluation questionnaire, which the client can fill out, in order to obtain information about the service and improve our service.

If any part of these terms and conditions becomes or is declared null or invalid or unenforceable for any reason, that condition will be considered removed, but the rest of the conditions will continue to apply.

These general conditions, as well as any relationship between Enotaxi, or the drivers, and the Customer will be governed by Spanish law. The exercise of any judicial action related to these General Conditions or to the provision of the transport service between Enotaxi and the Client, is submitted to the jurisdiction of the competent Courts of the Basque Autonomous Community. The legal actions that the Client can exercise against the drivers will be submitted to the competent Courts of the city where they have their domicile.

By virtue of the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on Data Protection, the client authorizes Enotaxi to process the personal data contained in the contract in order to offer its service correctly, understanding that its service has been provided. consent unless you object in writing within thirty calendar days. We also inform you of the possibility of accessing the data provided, as well as to request, where appropriate, its rectification, cancellation or opposition to the treatments described, in the terms established by Law, by means of a written communication indicating such circumstance. and reliably proving their identity.

ENOTAXI assumes the legal obligations regarding the protection of personal data, especially with regard to:

– The existence of files or treatments with personal data.
– The purpose of data collection.
– The recipients of the information.
– The optional or mandatory nature of the questions we ask.
– The consequences of obtaining the data or refusing to provide them.
– The possibility of exercising the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition.
– The identity and address of the data controller or, where appropriate, his representative.

It is the wish of ENOTAXI that the user has the appropriate information to decide expressly, freely and voluntarily if he wishes to provide his data in the form required. In this sense, the user is informed that their data will be incorporated into an automated file, whose responsibility is ENOTAXI

Unless otherwise indicated in each case, the data collected in the forms are necessary and mandatory to be able to access and provide the services established on the Web. The user must fill in the forms with true, exact and complete data, responding for the damages and losses that may be caused in case of faulty completion, with false, inaccurate, incomplete or out-of-date data.

ENOTAXI is committed to adopting the security levels for the protection of personal data required by current legislation, installing the necessary technical and organizational measures to prevent loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and other possible risks. ENOTAXI also obliges to comply with the obligation of secrecy regarding the data contained in the automated files established in current legislation. The user or person who represents him, may exercise at any time the right of access, rectification, cancellation, and, where appropriate, opposition in accordance with the provisions of the Organic Law on Data Protection and other regulations applicable to that effect, directing a written communication to the File Manager indicating your name and ID, to the address Our priority concern is the security of the storage of the user’s personally identifiable data. We take great care when transmitting data from the user’s computer to our servers.

Only employees who need access to user data to perform their jobs have access to it. Any employee who violates our data protection and/or security policies will be subject to disciplinary action.